Student Resources

Campus_Starter_Kit2The Campus Starter Kit (.pdf) is designed to help higher education leaders build hubs of social innovation by tapping into the creativity and ingenuity of the campus community. While every campus is unique in its institutional identity and culture, educational vision, and student body, we hope to provide broadly applicable resources to help foster awareness and support for social entrepreneurship and changemaking.

imagineThe purpose of the “Imagine What You Can Do” Ashoka U Social Change DIY event (.doc) is to inspire students on your campus for social entrepreneurship and social innovation, and to explore and practice essential skills for changemaking. This handbook will guide you through successfully organizing your first AshokaU Social ChangeDIY event. We will show you how to inspire students to attend your workshop, give you advertisement tips and tricks, include a prep work timeline, event guidelines that will accompany you as you prepare.

Supplementary materials include:

Student_Guide_Cover1The goal of Changemaking 101: A Student Guide to Social Entrepreneurship (.pdf) is to provide students with a comprehensive introduction social entrepreneurship.This kit is designed to help you get inspired, grow as a leader, and bring the concept of social entrepreneurship to your campus.

The guide includes resources to learn more deeply about this approach to social change, models of social entrepreneurship at work on college campuses that you can replicate, strategies for how to build momentum for social entrepreneurship activities on your campus, tips and tools to be an effective student leader and changemaker in your field of interest, and ideas for starting a social entrepreneurship club, launching a venture, or adding a social entrepreneurship-oriented perspective to an existing club.