Stay Tuned: Stories will be published October 2019

The Vision

Ashoka U was launched over a decade ago to ensure that all colleges and universities support, equip, and nurture their students as changemakers. We launched programs, supported the creation of countless curricular and co-curricular opportunities, and engaged directly with higher education stakeholders to shift the culture of higher education.

Looking forward, we are excited to see generations of future graduates bring changemaking mindsets and skillsets into any career path they choose. We believe they will become powerful leaders and contributors wherever they go – working with and within industry to make change.

Leading Change: Stories of Student Impact

This fall, Ashoka U will be actively highlighting stories of student changemakers. We’ll share their stories, challenges, and triumphs – as well as their vision for what higher education needs to be.

Through this campaign, we aim to:

  • Recognize that changemaking looks and feels like a different experience for every student and for every campus/community that supports them.
  • Better understand and convey that the journeys of changemakers across a global educational landscape is nuanced, diverse, and dynamic work. Ashoka U envisions student changemaker stories at the core of this understanding: we know that student co-leadership builds a powerful, inclusive bridge toward our collective vision for changemaker education.
  • Unlock a new phase and active practice towards our collective understanding of student experiences in co-leading changemaker education.
  • Listen carefully to the students and recent graduates across Ashoka U’s community and beyond.

So stay tuned for the campaign launch on October 14th. If you want to stay in the loop, sign up for our newsletter here and you’ll be the first to know.