Welcome to our gallery of Student Changemaker Stories contributors! See their published stories below, or in a short list here.

Isabel Miranda: Witnessing the Snowball Effect of Changemaking

Isabel is a 2019 graduate of University of San Francisco (USF) and an alumna of University of Santa Clara (SCU). She shares how a supportive fellowship program at SCU, powerful student convenings, and her research at USF brought clarity and commitment to her changemaker journey.

Diego Carrión Alvarez: Studying Medicine, Practicing Changemaking

Diego is a current undergraduate student at Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) and co-leads a number of UDEM’s social innovation initiatives. Diego shares how UDEM’s committed culture of changemaking supports him to connect his discipline (medicine) and student experience with changemaking activities.

Mitzi Elizabeth Gonzalez Medrano: Celebrating UDEM’s Community of Student Changemakers

Mitzi is a current undergraduate student at Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) and co-founder of The Social Bond Innovation Project (along with Diego, above). Mitzi’s story describes numerous experiences rooted in the power, belief, and practice of community, beginning with her journey as a young Scout.

Mihai Patru: Walking the Walk Meets Social Entrepreneurship-Speak

Mihai is a Senior Policy Fellow at University of California Riverside and Principal of the Caravanserai Project. Returning to the social impact sector after over a decade as a career diplomat, Mihai’s story describes the challenges and unique opportunities his communities of changemakers are facing today.

Maya Pajevic: From Patient to Advocate: A Changemaker by Chance

Maya is a current undergraduate student at Mount Royal University and a CHILD-BRIGHT National Youth Advisory Member. Maya shares how a life-changing health event as a child deepened her understanding of the healthcare system, enabling her to recognize the many roles a changemaker can take.

Jayden De Armas: We are Rarely Born as Changemakers

Jayden is a current undergraduate student at University of San Diego (USD) and Coordinator of USD’s Changemaker Student Committee. Jayden illuminates how a mysterious invitation to a convening of changemakers during high school sparked a lifelong commitment to changemaking.

Yanniz Valadez Cortés: My Hobby is Design, My Passion is Changemaking

Yanniz is a 2015 graduate from Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) and currently coordinates the Yunus Innovation Pathway Center at UDEM. Yanniz’s story unpacks her journey of connecting design and changemaking, and describes how this influenced her projects, studies, and work at her alma mater. 

Bryan Nakambonde: The Decade-Long Question that Brought Me to Watson Institute

Bryan is a current scholar at Watson Institute in South Florida and is founder of youth-focused media NGO, Umwe. Bryan’s story reminds us to embrace our personal life experiences as a guide to inform our contributions to changemaking and to seek out unique learning environments.

Clément Moliner-Roy: 100 Interviews Later: How Do You Equip a Changemaker?

Clément is a recent graduate of College of the Atlantic and is advising social impact initiatives at Sherbrooke University in Canada. Our team has long been inspired by Clément’s ability to turn deep questions into fun, collaborative invitations for his campus and broader community to partake in changemaking.

Katie Gingerich: The Recurring, Slow-Burn Question: “Who, Me?”

Katie is a 2015 graduate from University of Waterloo and Founder/Executive Director of The Ripple Effect Foundation in Canada. Katie translated her educational experiences into a purpose-driven venture that equips students and recent graduates to develop skills in changemaking and peace education. 

Megan Simmons: Student Voices Unleashed – Activism as a Critical Part of Changemaker Education

Megan is a current undergraduate student at Barnard College and Director of Strategy for Student Voice, co-leading their “Tour Across America’s Schools” to activate high schoolers as changemakers all across the states. Our team was struck by Megan’s call for higher education to create new ways to support the efforts and valuable skillsets of working student activists.

Nithya Vemireddy: Making Sense of the World We Live In

Nithya is a 2018 graduate from Santa Clara University (SCU) and recipient of the post-graduate American India Foundation’s William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service. Our team appreciated how Nithya’s story showcased two often under-represented changemaker tools, reflection and personal mentorship, as a key part of her changemaker journey on and off campus at SCU.

Simon Sizwe Mayson: Researchers as Changemakers: The Power of a PhD

Simon is currently pursuing his PhD at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa and working as an enabler towards a Well-Being Economy. Our team was inspired by Simon’s commitment to pursuing a unique action research journey through his PhD with a focus on collective well-being. Simon reminds us of the significant role that researchers can play in innovating changemaker education.