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The Curricular & Teaching Trend Call will be held on Thursday October 3, from 1-2:30pm EST.

To prepare for the call, please go through the resources listed below. The resources are listed in order of priority, so follow the list from top to bottom.

We’ve come a long way! College and university-based social innovation programs of all kinds have at least doubled over the last 5 years. Interestingly, larger institutions don’t necessarily have more to offer, especially not once one adjusts for enrollment size. Small institutions – often liberal arts colleges – currently have the greatest number of social innovation offerings per student, be it curricular or co-curricular.

Taking a closer look at social innovation in classroom, we see that the dramatic growth extends beyond just the number of social innovation courses offered at colleges and universities globally, to an equally impressive increase in the number of disciplines and thematic focus areas represented by those social innovation courses. Explore the sampling of course titles to get a sense of the huge range and depth that now exists in the field. Gone are the days where all social entrepreneurship courses were narrowly focused on venture creation. So, who are the newcomers? What are some of the emerging course themes and disciplines?

While the overall growth in the number of social innovation degree programs is still strong, master’s and certificate programs are growing faster than majors and minors. Why? On a similar note, surprisingly, significantly more graduate social innovation courses were reported than undergraduate courses. What sort of trend does this show? Will it continue? We can’t wait to hear about your experiences with designing master’s, majors, minors, and certificates and growing social innovation in the classroom at your institution.

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