3rd Interuniversity Changemakers Summit

The Third Interuniversity Changemaker Summit (“Encuentro Interuniversitario de Agentes de Cambio”) was hosted by the Changemaker Campus, Tec de Monterrey - Guadalajara Campus in Mexico on April 25, 26 and 27. This conference was a space to learn about educational practices and sustainable solutions to socio-environmental challenges and reconnect with the actors of the changemaker ecosystem that are committed to changemaking through higher education for and in Latin America.  

This series of conferences was an initiative that was started at the Change Leader Retreat in Middlebury, where the three Mexican Changemaker Campuses: Tec de Monterrey – Campus Guadalajara, Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) and Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP) decided they needed to boost changemaker education in Mexican higher education institutions, in order to share all the experience, learning and insight that our universities have acquired as a result of being part of the Ashoka U Network. 

In 2021 the first summit was hosted by UPAEP during the pandemic virtually. In 2022 the second summit was hosted by UDEM in Monterrey as a hybrid conference. This year, the third summit took place in Guadalajara hosted by Tec de Monterrey, in person and online.  
The collaboration behind these three conferences has been an amazing journey of co-creation, innovation and learning for our three institutions. 

-Patricia Cuevas at Tec de Monterrey – Campus Guadalajara-

You can learn more about these Changemaker Campus Summits through the following links: 
1st Summit - UPAEP: https://eventos.upaep.mx/evento/agentes-de-cambio-virtual 
2nd Summit - UDEM: https://www.udem.edu.mx/es/institucional/encuentro-interuniversitario-d…
3rd Summit – Tec de Monterrey: https://emprendimiento.tec.mx/es/encuentro-interuniversitario