Areas of Focus

Individual Transformation: Changemaker Education

Institutional Transformation: Changemaker Campuses

Global Higher Education Systems Transformation: Strategic Partnerships


Learn about Ashoka U's strategy.

Join us as we collaboratively transform higher education to build a world where solutions outrun problems because everybody is a changemaker!

  • Over the next two years, we will be focusing on strategically engaging with you to build, activate, strengthen, and inspire networks and to position Changemaker Campuses as the future of higher education globally. 

  • We will do this through convenings.

  • We will focus on the future of work, the future of education, the future of the world.

  • We will do this through more focused work on impact measurement and reporting.

  • We will continue to work with current Changemaker Campuses on renewing their designations - supported by the Review Council.

  • With the support of a new Designation Council, we will begin the process of designating new Changemaker Campuses and developing capacity-building opportunities.


Since its launch in 2008, Ashoka U selected 40+ Changemaker Campuses globally, engaged 600+ colleges and universities in Ashoka U programs, and supported 4000+ educators and senior administrators as they designed and taught courses, produced research, and created and implemented strategy. We also catalyzed over 2 million students to gain education and skill-building in changemaking and social innovation.

As the world was shifting in 2021, it became clear that we needed to evolve. Higher education was, and is, at a pivotal point of change, and Ashoka U is changing with it.


Ashoka U 1.0 was teaching music. Ashoka U 2.0 is conducting the orchestra.


In 2021, we transitioned Ashoka U and the Changemaker Campus (CMC) network from a centralized, fully-staffed, programmatic model to a decentralized model in which Changemaker Campuses collaborate on regional initiatives via Ashoka country offices and programs (e.g., Fellowship and Ashoka Young Changemakers).

Moving forward, our operational model shifted from a heavy emphasis on programs to increasingly focus on spreading ideas, enabling leadership across our network of partners, and building collaborations with key Ashoka programs. This evolution was highlighted at the 2021 Exchange, which featured many touchpoints across our network and with key Ashoka strategies and programs. Along with this evolution process, Ashoka U continues to support this important work.