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Ashoka U is about changing the frameworks and possibilities of what higher education can be. Ashoka U’s community of higher education leaders has spent the last 13 years focused on innovation in higher education and graduating millions of changemakers.

We have realized that Ashoka U’s highest power for large-scale change is in offering inspiration and examples to help higher education institutions evolve and innovate.

Ashoka U is proud to open up FREE access to our suite of knowledge products for the first time ever! These publications share real-life stories, best practices and how-to’s for advancing change on campus, and are practical in nature. These include publications on:


Becoming a Changemaker Institution (2020)

In these uncertain times, when so many social and environmental problems are not only persisting, but in many cases, worsening, we need bold and reimagined colleges and universities more than ever. Becoming a Changemaker Institution is a guidebook with strategies and actions for campus innovators who are ready to answer society’s call and step up to transform their institution. Drawing on more than a decade of insights and work with over 600 higher education institutions around the world, this guidebook provides the needed inspiration and best practices to spark institution-wide change.

Both practical and deeply reflective, Becoming a Changemaker Institution offers a robust framework for faculty, staff, and student leaders who are ready to embed changemaking into their work, leadership, and campus communities. Download your copy below:
PDF Version (260 pages)


Um guia prático com ferramentas para o seu campus ganhar relevância e resiliência, e para que consiga manter a liderança num mundo em acelerado processo de transformação. Baixe sua cópia abaixo:                       

Versão PDF (260 páginas)


Evaluating Changemaker Education: A Practitioner’s Guide (2019)– In Evaluating Changemaker Education: A Practitioner’s Guide, Ashoka U explores why and how educators draw on evaluation practices to strengthen changemaker education. Twenty leading educators and evaluators from ten institutions offer their approaches to evaluation in classrooms and across campuses. They share the evaluation tools they have developed and approaches for implementation. They also show how educators can use evaluation to inform educational design, to put students in charge of their learning, and grow thoughtful changemaker education across campuses.

This resource offers actionable guidance for any faculty or staff member, regardless of discipline, in designing and adapting evaluation practices that support changemaker education on their own campus. Download your copy below:
PDF Version (191 pages)



Preparing Students For a Rapidly Changing World (2019) – Struggling to design learning outcomes or not sure how your outcomes compare to others doing similar work? We designed this publication for you. Preparing Students for a Rapidly Changing World includes a selection of outstanding learning outcomes from a variety of disciplines for courses, course sequences, and co-curricular programs. With reflections from leaders in the field on how they developed and applied their outcomes, this publication will help you design powerful learning experiences for your students.

Download your copy below:
PDF Version (118 pages)


Changemaker Institutions (2018) – Academic institutions must reimagine themselves for the 21st century. The question, of course, is “How?”

Changemaker Institutions makes the case that social innovation is the answer – both as an educational framework and as an approach for institutional innovation. Learn how the Changemaker Institution model can help your campus improve recruitment, fundraising, community influence, student outcomes, and engagement at all levels of your institution.

Download your copy below:
PDF Version (72 pages)


Curriculum Guide (2011) – Looking for a resource to help improve current courses on social entrepreneurship, develop new ones, and identify how your faculty and university can make its own unique contribution to social entrepreneurship education?

The Curriculum Guide explores promising approaches to curriculum and teaching, areas that require improvement and further development, opportunities for innovation in curriculum and SE education, and commentary from leaders in the field. The Curriculum Guide also includes 10 exemplary social entrepreneurship course syllabi in full. Download your copy below:
PDF Version (196 pages)

We hope that you find our knowledge resources valuable as a starting point for change in your own community, and invite you to adapt as you see fit for your own institution and cultural context.