Ashoka U Executive Online Course Facilitators

Position Description

Ashoka U is developing several virtual learning opportunities to be offered beginning in Summer 2024. 
We are seeking course facilitators with high levels of expertise in changemaking leadership and mentoring.

The Opportunity

Ashoka U, as the higher education arm of Ashoka, has almost two decades of experience developing and facilitating world-class changemaking education. Ashoka itself has over 40 years of working with, and learning from, the world’s most effective and impactful social entrepreneurs: Ashoka Fellows. The knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to facilitate significant societal change have been distilled, and resources developed to teach these skills. 

Ashoka U has been working with the higher education sector for two decades to understand how to best develop these skills, and to transform higher education institutions into entities that spur the development of changemakers across campus and throughout their local and global communities.

Ashoka U is developing virtual learning opportunities focused on:

  • Collaborative changemaking
  • Changemaking leadership
  • Institutional transformation for changemaking

Ashoka U is seeking world-class change leaders and changemaker educators to facilitate the development of these skills through leadership of these new virtual learning opportunities. Course facilitators will work closely with Ashoka staff to provide these opportunities. They will take on a global leadership role as these courses are piloted and rolled out to transform higher education institutions and develop millions of changemakers from ages 18 to 118. These courses will be offered globally and will be highlighted at international convenings facilitated by Ashoka U. Course duration will vary based on the course offered.

Course Facilitator Responsibilities

The Course Facilitator will have overall responsibility for the management of his/her course. In close collaboration with Ashoka U staff (including administrative support), s/he will:

  • Facilitate regular, one-hour synchronous sessions offered via video conference (Zoom or similar)
  • Provide feedback and recommendations to improve course content.
  • Provide lectures and facilitate discussion on the topic each week.
  • Coordinate guest lecturers as needed/appropriate.
  • Provide feedback on all assignments – including online discussion boards.
  • Serve as a mentor throughout the course duration.
  • Provide orientation to the course.
  • Assist with follow-up communication and reporting once the course has been completed.
Ashoka U Role

Ashoka U has designed the content in collaboration with some of the world’s leading experts in changemaking education and in higher education transformation for changemaking. The basic structures, learning outcomes, assignments, resources, etc. have been identified for each course, but will continue to be refined in consultation with the Executive Online Course Facilitator. 

Ashoka U will provide the resources, technology, and administrative support to ensure the successful execution of each course. Ashoka U will also recruit, screen, and support students for each course. 



  • Passion for changemaking
  • 5+ years of experience in higher education as faculty, staff, and/or administration
  • 5+ years of experience as a social entrepreneur or intrapreneur
  • 5+ years of experience mentoring or teaching social entrepreneurs.
  • Experience with online teaching.
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Graduate degree


  • Current or recent service as a Change Leader or Change Champion at an Ashoka U Changemaker Campus
  • Experience with the process of a campus receiving its Changemaker Campus designation or renewing its designation.
  • Ashoka Fellow or leadership at an Ashoka Fellow organization
  • Compensation will be determined based on the course that is facilitated and the number of participants registered for the course.
  • Compensation will be competitive and commensurate with experience.
To Apply
  • Submit your resume/CV and a cover letter via the application portal.
  • The cover letter should explain why you are interested in this position and what unique qualifications you will bring to the role. Please also highlight relevant experience.
  • Please note: this role is a consultancy for a one-time project. It does not guarantee employment beyond the project.