Social Innovations Journal (SIJ) Editor: Ashoka U Special Issue

Position Description 

The Opportunity

Ashoka U is once again partnering with the Social Innovations Journal (SIJ) to publish a special issue of research developed out of the 2024 Changemaker Education Research Forum (CERF). Ashoka U is seeking an editor to ensure the success of this publication.

Editor Responsibilities

The Editor will have overall responsibility for the development of this special issue including:

  • Development and articulation of the issue theme
  • Inviting and supporting potential authors
  • Inviting and providing logistical support for peer reviewers
  • Thematic organization of the special issue
  • Reviewing and uploading final submissions
  • Developing and leading a two (2) - hour virtual launch symposium

See proposed timeline below for additional details. The Editor is welcome to change the dates of submissions from authors and the peer review process to align with their schedule.

Ashoka U Role

Ashoka U will collaboratively serve as a point of contact with the Social Innovations Journal staff and will be available as needed for consultation throughout the process. Ashoka will also provide PR & Marketing support.

Time Commitment

The time commitment will vary depending on the number and quality of submissions received. Ashoka U will work with the Editor to facilitate the submission of high-quality articles developed out of the 2024 Changemaker Education Research Forum (CERF). See the overview of submission guidelines below for more information.



  • Passion for changemaking
  • 5+ years of experience as a peer editor of academic research
  • Cross-cultural communication


  • Experience editing a full-length academic journal or publishing an edited volume of research
  • Current or recent service as a Change Leader or Change Champion at an Ashoka U Changemaker Campus

Ashoka U is happy to offer a US$1500 honorarium to the Editor in acknowledgement of the time and energy required of the role.

To Apply

Submit your resume/CV and a cover letter via the application portal.
The cover letter should explain why you are interested in this position and what unique qualifications you will bring to the role. Please also highlight relevant experience.
Please note: this role is a consultancy for a one-time project. It does not guarantee employment beyond the project.

Proposed Timeline
  • Authors: Articles Submitted to Editor for Peer Review    July 15
  • Peer Reviewers: Peer Review 1    July 16-31
  • Authors: Revisions    Aug. 1-Aug. 15
  • Editor: Submits 1 Page Overview to SIJ    Sept. 1
  • Peer Reviewers: Peer Review 2 (if needed)    Aug. 16-Aug. 31
  • Authors: Final Revisions/Edits (if needed)    Sept. 1-Sept. 15
  • Authors: Final Submissions to Editor for Final Review (if needed)    Sept. 15
  • Editor: Final Edits to All Submissions    Sept. 16-30
  • Editor: Upload Articles to SIJ Platform for Final Review    Oct. 1
  • Editor: Prepare for Launch Symposium    Oct. 1-23
  • SIJ: Final Edits/Preparations for Launch Symposium    Oct. 17
  • Editor: Review SIJ Publication & Make Final Edits (Minor)    Oct. 17-24
  • Launch symposium    Oct. 24
  • Editor: Follow-up w/ Presenters    Oct. 25-31
  • Editor: Follow-up PR & Marketing    Ongoing
Overview of Submission Guidelines
  • Paper length: 1,000-1,500 words
  • Format: Chicago Style
  • Timeline:
  • Submit for Peer Review: July 15
  • Peer Review: July 16-31
  • Final Edits: Aug. 1-Aug. 15
  • Symposium Launch Event & Publication: Oct. 24
  • Audience: Write for program officers and leaders of foundations, not-for-profits, government, academia, and the private sector who have a vested interest in increasing their impact through high-impact social innovation. Readers are most interested in how to do things: write with most of the bulk of your paper focused on “HOW and WHY” your model works/research matters and can be applied.
  • While the majority of the issue will be shorter 1,000-1,500-word pieces, there are also options for 2-3 research-intensive articles at 4,000 to 6,000 words. 

Read the full submission guidelines here.