The Leading Designation for Social Innovation in Higher Education

Changemaker Campus is a community of leaders and institutions who work collectively to make social innovation and changemaking the new norm in higher education and beyond. The Changemaker Campus program selects diverse institutions who:

  • Represent higher education globally,
  • Model campus-wide excellence in social innovation and changemaking; and
  • Are committed to transforming the field of higher education through collaboration and thought leadership.

These institutions collaborate with each other and Ashoka to transform higher education and leverage their individual and collective power to advance changemaking in all sectors.

Currently over 40 colleges and universities globally are recognized as Changemaker Campuses. These institutions differ in terms of size, institutional type, geographic location, religious affiliation, and age, but are united in the extraordinary social innovation education they provide their students. Changemaker Campuses are the global leaders in social innovation and changemaking in higher education, and represent a vision of what education and universities can be.

Selection: Identifying and nurturing high-potential institutions to strengthen their social innovation and changemaking ecosystems and envision their role in transforming higher education.

Network: Fostering an intentional community and facilitating collective action to advance field-building and thought leadership in social innovation and changemaking in higher education.

Renewal: Ensuring the quality and integrity of the Changemaker Campus Network over time.

“College students are hungry to be part of something larger than themselves, to engage in meaningful work that they believe can make a difference in the lives of those around them and, in the process, in their own lives. Ashoka offers this opportunity through social entrepreneurship. Ashoka is enabling students to participate in improving their campuses and the communities that surround them.”

Tom Ehrlich, Senior Scholar, Carnegie Foundation Former President, Indiana University