Council Composition

  • Six to eight (6-8) Change Leaders* representing diverse geographies, institution types, institutional roles, and subject matter expertise  
  • Ashoka U Chief Network Officer (Heather MacCleoud)
  • Ashoka Director, Higher Education Engagement (Eidi Cruz-Valdivieso)

*Change Leader Emeriti may also serve on this council.

Council Member Responsibilities & Time Commitment


Initial Designation

  • Review and discuss updated designation processes and indicators
  • Pilot Peer Review: 1-3 applications from potential new Changemaker Campuses  
  • Refine review processes, training for peer reviewers, and structures to ensure quality of review processes going forward
  • Potentially participate in site visits and selection panels

Term Length
Council members will serve for a period of 12 months (October 2023-October 2024) with an option to continue on for another term.

Estimated Time Commitment

Month Time Commitment Activities
October 2023 1-2 hours Council Onboarding
November 2023 - February 2024 2-4 hours per month Council review and discussion of designation processes and indicators in preparation for pilot peer review of 1-3 applications from potential new Changemaker Campuses
March - July 2024 4-6 hours per month
  • Consultation and review of applications from potential new Changemaker Campuses
  • Discussion, deliberation, review of process
August - September 2024 4-6 hours per month
  • Support training for new reviewers  
  • Discussion, deliberation, review of process

2023-2024 Designation Council Members

Congratulations to the 2023-2024 Ashoka U Designation Council Members

Name Campus Location
Mandy Bratton University of California, San Diego United States
Jean-Michel Champagne HEC Montréal Canada
Deb Friel CQUniversity Australia
Wray Irwin* University of Northampton United Kingdom
Erin Lewis University of Evansville United States
Leticia López Villarreal Universidad de Monterrey Mexico
Matthew Nash* Duke University United States
Olivia Paredes Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP) Mexico

*Change Leader Emeritus