Ashoka Higher Education Engagement

Ashoka is dedicated to building a world where Everyone is a Changemaker (EACH) in, through, and for higher education. Learn more about some of our higher education partnerships and engagements. 

Changemaker Campuses

42 colleges and universities around the world have received the prestigious Ashoka U Changemaker Campus designation due to their significant integration of changemaking across campus, their leadership of social change in their communities, for their leadership in transforming higher education and to building a world where Everyone is a Changemaker (EACH). Learn more:


Building a world where Everyone is a Changemaker means everyone has an important role to play. Students, faculty, staff, presidents, chancellors, provosts, alumni, trustees, parents, business leaders, school teachers are all invited to engage with Ashoka's work!
Specific activities for students, faculty, staff, and administrators at institutions of higher education are shared in Becoming A Changemaker Campus (2020).

IAU & British Council Consortia

European-Latin American Network (ELANET) in Support of Social Entrepreneurs

The European-Latin American Network (ELANET) in Support of Social Entrepreneurs is a consortium of 17 universities from Belgium, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru along with 35 associated partners from various organizations and higher education institutions. It is led in part by Ashoka Belgium. The consortium's aim is to create a robust network of social entrepreneurs and support organizations and   integrate it structurally into the Universities. The consortium has developed an internal app through which information is shared to encourage collaborative learning and opportunity creation. The ELANET-project was initiated and coordinated by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) in Belgium. 

The project includes a platform structured in seven modules:

  • Social Entrepreneurship Cases to Inspire
  • Social Entrepreneurs in Need of Support
  • Support Partners 
  • Volunteers
  • Tools for Mentors 
  • Tools for Social Entrepreneurs 
  • Library

The ELANET project is currently developing a study of the needs of social entrepreneurs and the capacities of universities in supporting them. Share your insights.

Ashoka U Commons

The Ashoka U Commons is an initiative in Latin America to support individuals interested in integrating changemaking throughout an academic program, department, or university. 

Ashoka Universidades

Ashoka Universidades is a designation given to academic programs, departments, or entire universities in Latin America committed to integrating changemaking across the program, department, or campus.

Ashoka U Conecta

Ashoka U Conecta is an initiative in Latin America for Ashoka Universidades to engage with Ashoka in developing changemaking across metro areas or regions and developing initiatives related to Ashoka Next Now fields: Planet & Climate, Gender, New Longevity, Tech & Humanity