Inaugural Review Council Overview

An Overview of the Inaugural Ashoka U Changemaker Campus Review Council

Council Composition  

  • Five to seven (5-7) Change Leaders representing diverse geographies, institution types, institutional roles, and subject matter expertise  
  • Ashoka U Chief Network Officer (Heather MacCleoud)   
  • Ashoka Canada Director of Changemaker Education (Charmaine Lyn)    

Council Member Responsibilities & Time Commitment


  • Review and discuss renewal processes and indicators  
  • Pilot Peer Review: Renewal Cohort 1 (8-10 CMCs)  
  • Refine review processes, develop training for additional peer reviewers  
  • Peer Review: Renewal Cohort 2 (8-10 CMCs)  
  • Refine review processes, training for peer reviewers, and structures to ensure quality of review processes going forward.  

Estimated Time Commitment:  

Month Time Commitment Activities
September 2022 1-2 hours Council Onboarding
October 2022 - February 2023 1 hour per month Council review and discussion of renewal processes and indicators in preparation for pilot peer review of Cohort 1  
March - May 2023 8-10 hours per month

Cohort 1: Review 8-10 applications (estimate 2-3 hours per application) (everyone reviews all applications)  

Discussion, deliberation, review of process (May - estimate 2 hours)

June - August 2023 6-8 hours per month Cohort 2: Review 2-3 applications each  
Support training for new reviewers  
Discussion, deliberation, review of process (August - estimate 2 hours)  


Term Length:

Council members will serve for a period of 12 months (September 2022-September 2023) with an option to continue on for another term.

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