Network Advisory Committee

The Network Advisory Committee (NAC), founded in 2016 in partnership with a Change Leader Task Force, is comprised of six to eight Change Leaders who represent the interests and needs of the global Changemaker Campus network.

The NAC supports key annual network engagements each year, such as the Change Leader Gathering at the Exchange and the Change Leader Retreat. The NAC also provides strategic advice to Ashoka U as we develop further collaborative learning, innovation, and impact opportunities across the network.

Each member serves a 2-3 year term. The group meets monthly.


2020 – 2021 Network Advisory Committee Members

Previous Members

Carlos Basurto, University of Monterrey (2016 – 2017); Tim Curtis, University of Northampton (2016 – 2017); Amanda Gaspard, Ryerson University (2016 – 2018); Hector Gomez, University of Monterrey (2016 – 2017); Sara Herald, University of Maryland (2016 – 2018); Lizzie Pollock, Brown University (2016 – 2018)*; Mike Williams, University of San Diego (2016 – 2019)*; Jacen Greene, Portland State University (2017 – 2019); Wray Irwin, University of Northampton (2017 – 2019); Craig P. Dunn, Western Washington University (2018 – 2020); Edgar Muñiz Avila, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara (2018 – 2020); Rebecca Otten, Tulane University (2018 – 2020)

*Served on the Network Advisory Committee (NAC) Design Task Force