The Future Is Here

Ashoka U transforms systems, institutions, and individuals by bringing together the world’s leading social entrepreneurs with higher education: students, faculty, scholars, leaders, and communities. 

  • We are building collaborations and facilitating research.
  • We are developing leaders, and inspiring practice.
  • We are changing the future of work
  • We are changing the future of education
  • We are changing our future through finding solutions.

We focus in five (5) areas:

  • Technology & Humanity
  • Planet & Climate
  • New Longevity
  • Migration
  • Gender


Technology & Humanity
More and more aspects of our lives are impacted by technology

  • How will humanity anticipate, mitigate, and manage the consequences of algorithms, artificial intelligence, robots, and more? 
  • How do we ensure tech works for the common good? And empowers everyone? 

Planet & Climate
Our planet is in crisis, and we are responsible for it. We have deluded ourselves into thinking that humans are separate from, and superior to, nature. 

  • How do we fundamentally rebalance that relationship? 
  • How can our economic systems prioritize creating shared wellbeing on a healthy planet? 
  • How can we bring unlikely allies and sceptics on board? 

New Longevity
For the first time in history, there are more people above 65 years old than there are below five. There isn’t an aspect of our lives and economies that isn’t affected by this Big Shift. Longer lives don’t just add years to the end of life but extend and transform all stages of life. 

  • How can we maintain purposeful, healthy lives as we age? 
  • How do we reverse age segregation and address the loneliness epidemic affecting all generations? 
  • How do we reinvent retirement and the value of care work? 

Migration is a giant tectonic force. One billion of the earth’s people have taken their lives in their hands and migrated so far. Ashoka’s vision is a world where Every Migrant a Changemaker

For most of us, our gender still determines how we grow up, the kinds of jobs we have, who we can love, our health outcomes, and how much power and agency we hold. Yet, the historical paradigm seems to be on shaky grounds. 

  • What will we replace it with? 
  • How do we turn its gatekeepers into allies? 
  • How do we build a gender equal world, where everyone can be their authentic self? 

About Ashoka

For 40+ years, Ashoka has identified and supported the world’s best social entrepreneurs (Ashoka Fellows) – leaders innovatively transforming broken systems for the better. We are a living encyclopedia of solutions featuring nearly 4,000 Ashoka Fellows across more than 90 countries.

Catalyzing Insights and Collaborations to Transform Ecosystems

Ashoka U catalyzes insights and transform ecosystems by creating opportunities for collaboration and action. We do this through two interrelated strategies:

  • Convening gatherings of cutting-edge innovators in a specific ecosystem or around a specific problem to gain clarity about where we are stuck and where the breakthroughs lie – a dedicated space to spark peer learning, catalyze insights and collaboration, foster ideas around collective action, and generate valuable intel for funders, policymakers, and more. 
  • Integrating leading groups of experts from Ashoka's network of universities aiming to deepen knowledge, tap into research capacities, and engage student bodies.  

Seeking Partnerships

Join us! We are always seeking partners for these initiatives. Contact us ashokau [@] for more information.