Theory of Change

Focus Areas + Activities + Stakeholders → Outcomes → Impact

How Are We Transforming Individuals, Institutions, and Systems?

Ashoka U is committed to transforming individuals, institutions, and systems to build a world where everyone is a changemaker and solutions outrun problems.

We do this by focusing on key areas, engaging in high-impact activities, and working with influential stakeholders at all levels.

Focus on these Areas:

  • Strategic Engagement

  • Network Building and Activation

  • Changemaker Institutions as the Future

Engage in these Activities:

  • Impact Measurement

  • Convenings

  • Thought Leadership

Work with these Stakeholders:

Areas of Focus

  • Building, strengthening, and activating networks within and across campuses, with higher education constituencies, and with changemakers around the world.
  • Strategic engagement with current Changemaker Campuses and other exemplars to share knowledge, incentivize best practices, and inspire individuals at all levels to bring together changemaking and higher education
  • Identifying, sharing, and lifting up innovations to transform higher education


  • Documenting and surfacing innovations and best practices
  • Convening Changemaker Campuses as a network 
  • Convening Changemaker Campuses with other key stakeholders (Ashoka, accrediting bodies, governments, potential funders)
  • Improving impact measurement, reporting, and storytelling about the impact of changemaking in higher education


To What End?

How will these activities with these stakeholders focused in these specific areas lead to our goals?

Engaging in the above will:

Contribute to these Outcomes:

  • Evidence of What Works

  • Activated Networks

  • Improved Campus Metrics and Recognition

Lead to this Impact:

  • More Powerful Partnerships

  • Thought Leadership

  • Inspired and Strengthened Networks

  • Increased Capacity for Changemaking (Individuals, Institutions, Systems)


A world where everyone is a changemaker, where solutions outrun problems, and where higher education is transformed!


  • Evidence base of best practices: changemaking in, through, and for higher education
  • Improved student recruitment, engagement, retention, and changemaking leadership outcomes
  • Enhanced impact measurement, analysis, and reporting
  • Opportunities to highlight Changemaker Campuses as the future of higher education
  • Growing community of stakeholders actively  embracing changemaking as core to the success of higher education (including accreditors and potential funders)


  • ​​​​​Enhanced engagement across campuses
  • Deeper engagement with communities
  • Accreditation, quality assurance organizations, and governments understand the importance of changemaking in higher education and integrate it into standards
  • Changemaker Campuses lead the way in transforming the global higher education sector
  • A world where solutions outrun problems because everyone is a changemaker